See how to use link building

Below is a short summary with everything you need to know to use link bulding to your advantage

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In the past, link building strategies were based on quantity, not quality. But today, the game is different.

The pages where you build links – especially the quality and authority of those pages – play a key role in determining your position in search engines.

Vários fatores influenciam na qualidade de um link.

Number of out-of-page links

The site must bring relevant links to external pages, in order to also enrich the reader’s experience with complementary content.

The more school-quality links out of the page, the more value the site earns.

Quality of the sites being linked on the page.

The art of linking content is far from just about quantity.

So, be very careful when indicating a link on your site.

Go for domains that have credibility and value quality.

This will improve your image with search engines, make your content more complete and ensure a richer and more comfortable experience for users.

Number of links to that page

Here, the question is mathematical.

The more relevant links a page has, the more authority it acquires, and therefore the more value it has in search engines.

Elements of a link that affect its quality

How to say here in the text previously, until a while ago, it was enough that a good amount of links pointed to your site, and, with a simple math, Google would simply raise your ranking.

Nowadays, its algorithms received a series of updates and started to take into account several factors before ranking a content.

Link Position

Building links is a job that, in addition to taking care of the anatomy of words, also involves paying special attention to the spaces where they will be displayed throughout the pages.

Text Link vs Image Link

Prioritize text links over images.

As smart as they are, search engines also have their limitations.

One of them is related to images, whose reading by them is not yet possible.

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