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  • (Get more people to your site without spending a cent) Optimized wordpress posts

In this post we will pass on some tips for you to optimize your ads

We will be honest SEO and something completely useful and essential for building and monetizing your website. SEO is something that can be done simply and quickly but most WordPress SEO guides are very technical and complex for new users to get started.

1) Use keywords

Unfortunately, many people still choose words at random and this wastes a great opportunity to increase traffic on your site. Be professional and choose wisely the words you will use because this will make you gain more and more visitors to your site.

CEOs of not recommend relying on blind assumptions. After all, there are the right keyword research tools to find out exactly what you’re looking for on the web.

The keyword research method is used by authors and SEO experts. It helps you find topics of interest to users based on data from the search engine.

You can then use these keywords to plan your content strategy. This will allow you to write about the topics you are really looking for. This is a great way to find new ideas for blog posts.

We recommend using keyword research tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs. They offer detailed keyword data, competition analysis, keyword position tracking, and a host of other useful resources.

2) Find the right keywords

After finding your keywords, choose the one that is most searched for, but with a low level of competition.

This will be your focal keyword. This is the search phrase that your users are likely to search for.

If you are using Yoast SEO, you can define the focus keyword in the corresponding block of each article. This will allow you to see the effectiveness with which it is being used.

Next, you need to find the focus keyword LSI phrases that define the topic. To do this, just enter a keyword in Google / Yandex search and look in the “related” list.

It is important to include as many of these keywords as possible in your content to fully cover the topic.

3) Write a post title

Post titles are important to search engines.

A good title will make the article more relevant to your search query. It also encourages users to follow this link when they see it in search.

Use “magic” words in your headlines that trigger emotional reactions. For example, “best”, “fast”, “easy”, “free”, “TOP”, etc.

4) Make internal links

After a time of the blog’s existence, you will have enough content. And you’ll want your visitors to even read old, but useful articles. You can use internal links for this. This is a great way to develop contextual communication between your new and old posts.

WordPress makes it easy to search for your posts directly in the editor. Just click on the button to insert the link and insert your text. A pop-up window with the titles of the publications.

5) Photos and videos

Search engines typically rank attractive content higher in search results. Photo and video article Images and videos are much more interesting than plain text.

When adding images, you must be careful with copyrights. Do not copy photos from other sites to use on your own. Because, there are many resources where you can download photos for free and test them however you want.

WordPress offers Pexels, which is a website with more than 40,000 high quality images without copyright.

6)Add a meta description.

A meta description is an HTML meta tag that you can add to any page on your site. Its purpose is to provide a brief description of the article to search engines and other crawlers.

A good meta description can explain a lot more about an article. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also display it when you publish your articles.

In WordPress, a meta description can be added, for example, using the free Yoast SEO plugin. To do this, just open your article for editing and insert the desired text in the plugin block.

7)Make your articles easy to read.

Readability is an important factor that search engines consider. Articles that are easier to read tend to rank higher

According to some studies, users spend less than a second deciding whether to stay on a page or leave.

This is a very short time to convince the user to stay and roll. By improving readability, you can allow your users to “scan” an article quickly.

To improve readability, use shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, punctuation marks, headings and bulleted lists.

The Yoast SEO plugin also comes with an integrated readability checker. In the “Readability” tab, you can see this indicator.

8)Use categories and tags to organize your content.

Categories and tags help to classify your content for you, readers and search engines.

If you imagine your blog in the form of a book, the categories will be the index and the tags will be the part of the index.

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