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Why is SEO important?

Search engines tend to be the biggest source of traffic for any type of website. Let’s say that knowing CEO can be even more advantageous than knowing how to advertise.

Basics of WordPress SEO

The SEO can be technical and seem very complicated but with a little study you can improve and it gets better and better and this will increase traffic considerably on your site.

Check your site’s visibility settings

WordPress comes with an integrated option to hide your site from search engines. The purpose of this option is to give you time to work on your website before it is ready to go live.

However, sometimes this option can be accidentally checked and makes your site unavailable to search engines.

If your site is not appearing in the search results, the first thing you need to do is make sure that this option is unchecked.

You need to scroll down to the ‘Search engine visibility’ section and make sure the box next to ‘Discourage search engines from crawling this site’ is unchecked.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to store your changes.

Modify your site’s URLs

See that the standard urls are not at all friendly with a lot of numbers and letters that have no pattern at all. Modify the urls of your website so that it is short and objective already showing what the customer will see on the website



Note that the two urls are quite different from each other and that one is much more friendly and easier to understand than the other.
In short, leave the urls in a way that the customer reading is already able to understand what they will find on the site.

Here’s how you can check and update your WordPress website’s permalink structure.

You need to visit the Settings page »Permanent links. Select the post name option and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to store your settings.

Note: if your site has been running for more than 6 months, do not change the structure of the permalink unless you are using the numbers option. If you are using Day and Name or Month and Name, keep using.
By changing your permalink structure on an established website, you will lose all of your social media share count and risk losing your existing SEO ranking.

WWW vs not WWW

If you’re just starting out with your site, you need to choose whether to use www (http://www.example.com) or not www (http://example.com) in your site’s URL.
Search engines consider these two sites to be different, so that means you need to choose one and follow it.

You can set your preferences by visiting the Settings »General page. Add your preferred URL in the ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Website address’ fields.
From the SEO point of view there is no difference in using another one.

Use plugis for SEO

One of the best parts of WordPress is that there is a plugin for everything, and SEO is no exception. There are thousands of SEO plug-ins for WordPress that make it more difficult for beginners to choose the best SEO plug-in for WordPress.

Here at HOW15 we don’t use any plugnin so we won’t recommend any
We recommend that you research more about plugnis to leverage your site

Be smart and use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service for webmasters managed by Google. It allows webmasters to check their indexing status and optimize the visibility of their sites. As of May 20, 2015, Google renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console.

It provides reports and data to help you understand how your pages appear in search results. You can also see the actual search terms people are using to find your site, how each page appears in the search results, and how often your pages are clicked.

All of this information helps you understand what’s working and what’sn’t working on your site

Google Search Console also alerts you when there is something wrong with your site, such as when search crawlers are unable to access your site, find duplicate content or restricted resources.

Use and SEO in your posts.

Often, beginners make the mistake of thinking that installing and activating an SEO plugin for WordPress is all you need. SEO is an ongoing process that you must follow if you want to get maximum results.

All major SEO plug-ins allow you to add a title, description and focus keyword to each blog post and page. It also shows a preview of what users will see when they search for your site on Google.
We recommend that you optimize your title and description to get the most clicks.

When writing your blog post, simply scroll down to the SEO section and get the most out of it.

If you’re wondering how to choose a focus keyword or key phrase, what’s a good title or what’s a good meta description, then we’ve covered this in detail in our beginner’s guide to optimizing your blog posts for IF THE .

It is highly recommended that you read it because on-page SEO is crucial to your success.

This information was taken from the website https://www.wpbeginner.com take a look at their website and it is super good extremely useful for you.

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