How to become famous on instagram in 2021 without having to spend money

  • Easy and fast method

To become famous on Instagram you don’t have to be a movie artist, a hip-hop star or a rich man. You can achieve this easily with the tips that we will pass on to you.
Having many followers on Instagram can bring you many advantages such as authority, sponsorship and good money.
On Instagram, the algorithm loves posts that manage interactions in an hour. But that is not all. In fact, Instagram, as its name suggests, is characterized by instantaneity. And that is what you should bet on to increase your followers.

1) Start following the audience you want to have as a follower.

Honestly I believe this is the best way to grow and gain more and more followers on Instagram. When you follow the person you want to be a follower of, you draw their attention to yourself. These people receive a notification from a new follower and their curiosity will make them see your profile. If you like it, there is a good opportunity to follow you.
You can also leave your profile closed so it will generate even more curiosity in your potential follower and make him request asking you to follow.

We tested this technique here at HOW15 and we are gaining a lot more followers than before

Of course, it all depends on the number of accounts you follow. The proportion is exponential. The more you follow a large number of accounts each day, the more you increase your chence to gain active followers.

2) Like and comment on others’ photos.

Since Instagram particularly likes interactions between its users, it is obvious that you will have more visibility interacting with your followers. Again, you can dedicate 5 minutes a day to like and comment on the posts that appear in your feed.

By serving others in this way, you are drawing attention to yourself once again. Because followers of your followers can see comments and potentially visit your profile.

3) Use popular and relevant hashtags to easily get Instagram followers.

‘Hashtags’ allow you to categorize content, but offer better visibility to your photos. By using popular ‘hashtags’, you’ll have a better opportunity to attract followers and likes in large numbers.

These tags should still be relevant to the content and describe the publication perfectly. Geolocation can also be very useful in reaching people close to the shooting location.


The ideal is to put a maximum of 20 ‘hashtags’, and especially never to copy and paste the same tags in all your publications. Because Instagram can take you to a robot and you risk having less visibility.]

4) Respond to comments.

As I said, Instagram has an algorithm based on interaction. Thus, it will offer its content to about 6% of its audience to test whether its publication is interesting or not before increasing its visibility.

To summarize, you have an hour during which you will have to maximize interactions on your new content. Respond to all comments, such as comments, ask questions and get your followers to engage with your posts as much as possible.

The more interest in your post in an hour, the more likely it is to go viral. Therefore, significantly increase the number of your subscribers on your Instagram account. After that time, the number of likes and comments will have less impact.

5) Stop following who doesn’t follow you.

When you sign up for an Instagram account, it sometimes happens that the person does not sign up for returns. Or that she cancels the subscription after a while.

The people you follow, but who don’t follow you, will have very few opportunities to (re) become followers. Therefore, it is normal to do a little cleaning so as not to end up with 1 million subscriptions and only 500 thousand followers. It is best to always have more subscribers than subscribers.

  • The various tools that can do this for you, however, we do not recommend using any. Because Instagram is smarter than it looks and can easily find out that you’re using robots.

This information was taken from the Webmarketing website

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